Summer has arrived, bringing with it plenty of sunshine, sunbathing, fun activities, and hiking opportunities.

However, many children and adults are unaware of the numerous hazards of trekking, particularly the risk of tick bites.

Many people tell themselves, “It won’t happen to me.”

A little tick, on the other hand, can totally affect your life, and the symptoms aren’t usually obvious.

That’s exactly what happened to Jessica Griffin, who realized something was wrong when she saw her young daughter was entirely paralyzed one morning.

Jessica Griffin is now advising all parents to thoroughly examine their children for tick bites.

The warning comes as a result of a terrifying incident that terrified the family.

Jessica describes the terrifying moment when her daughter Kaylin couldn’t walk when she awoke one morning. She had trouble even speaking.

Jessica rushed her daughter to the clinic, where blood tests and a CT scan of her skull were performed.

Kaylin was later diagnosed with ‘tick paralysis,’ according to her mother’s Facebook post.

Tick paralysis can harm both humans and dogs.

When a tick stings its host, it injects saliva, which triggers the immune system to respond negatively. This results in temporary paralysis or, in the worst-case scenario, death.

When a tick bites the scalp, the risk is increased.

Kaylin was admitted to the hospital and kept under surveillance. Naturally, her parents were concerned, as they always were.

“We’ve been admitted to the hospital for observation, and we’re hoping she’ll get better soon!” Please keep our kid in your prayers! To say the least, I’m terrified!” The mother penned the letter.

Kaylin’s condition gradually improved, and she began to recuperate.

Kaylin’s mother, Jessica, recently updated the case on Facebook, including a photo of the tick extracted from her daughter’s head.

“Check your youngsters for ticks for the love of God!” This occurs more frequently in youngsters than in adults!” The mother penned the letter.

The mother’s admonition elicited a wide range of responses.

Many parents recounted their experiences with ticks on their children, including terrible stories about their children nearly passing away as a result of tick paralysis.

Jessica said she had no clue her articles would become so popular, but she was glad she was spreading awareness about tick bites and tick paralysis.

“It’s absolutely something, and we’ve seen it firsthand!” Check your children on a regular basis, in all parts of their bodies!”

Tick-borne paralysis symptoms
The symptoms usually appear 2-7 days after the bite and start with limb weakness before progressing to paralysis.
Within a few hours, the paralysis extends to the hands and head, causing breathing difficulties and death.
Although many animals and livestock are affected by paralysis, infection in humans is uncommon and mainly occurs in youngsters under the age of ten.

Kaylin’s life could have ended very terribly, but she was saved because to her parents’ swift action.

Jessica stated, “She is home today, and everything is back to usual.”

However, not every child will have Jessica’s luck, so it’s vital to keep spreading the word about tick bites and what we can do to avoid them.