For nearly a month, Jan Holman, a terminally sick woman, has been separated from her cherished Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Monty and Rowley, as well as a horse named Bob.

She was transferred to the Hospice of the Great Shepherd after several weeks at the regional hospital, where she discovered an astonishing surprise.

When she arrived at the hospital and realized that she would be spending her remaining years there, she only wanted to see her beloved dogs and horse. When she entered the hospital, she couldn’t have imagined seeing her horse for the last time. As a result, the hospital personnel was aware of everything because they spend a lot of time talking to the patients and learning practically everything about their life.

Their meeting was set up by the staff. Jan was wheeled to the terrace because she couldn’t walk, where Bob had already been waiting for his wonderful mistress. He nuzzled Jan’s neck and lap as he pushed his head through the doors.

Jan was ecstatic. Her eyes couldn’t believe what they were seeing. She had anticipated meeting canines, but seeing her horse was the most delightful surprise of her life. Her spouse was equally grateful to the hospital for making such an effort because he realized that this was his wife’s true wish.

“This is why I believe the hospital is the very best location in the world at the worst periods of your life,” one user commented after the story and photos went viral.

“The idea of hospice care includes not just caring for our patients’ medical requirements, but also looking after their emotional and social needs,” the hospital responded. It’s all about making a positive difference in the lives of our patients and their families in any manner we can.”