Five ducklings are being cared for by a charming monkey. She goes about it with a lot of love and attention. It is self-evident that this video will brighten your day.

The special bond that exists between these two species of animals is quite remarkable.

This film is approximately 8 minutes long and will melt your heart. Even the most hardened of hearts will begin to smile.

It’s a given that you’ll have a grin on your face. These adorable animals are doing well. The video begins with love and kindness.

The ducklings enjoy petting the monkey’s fur. This lets the monkey feel at ease and content. The monkey clings to the ducklings and refuses to let them go.

When it’s time for them to eat. The ducklings eat rice while the monkey drinks milk from a bottle. They are completely satisfied with their lives.

The ducklings are protected by the monkey mother. She goes to great lengths to ensure their safety.

Here’s some footage that will make you feel good: