Dora, an elderly woman, and her beloved kitty were both taken from her home by a devastating earthquake 6 years ago.

More than 4000 homes were destroyed when an earthquake rocked Italy six years ago. So there was an old woman named Dora among them. However, the woman’s loss was particularly painful because she adored her kitty. The kitty bolted during the earthquake. The terrified kitten might be located anywhere on the planet.

Dora was miserable, and whatever her family hadn’t done for her, all she wanted was her kitty. She was convinced that her kitty was nearby. However, the elderly woman’s words were not meaningless, as her kitty was still living. A miracle occurred one day.

Dora couldn’t believe her eyes when the kitten appeared in her home. Her touching reunion was documented by one of her friends on her Facebook page, and the tale quickly went viral.