On his late-night show, Conan O’Brien hosts the world’s most recognized celebrities. He invited Dolly Parton to share some Southern happiness with his New York crowd one evening. She sure did deliver!

Dolly completely delights Conan and his live studio audience while dressed in a vibrant green to bring life to the evening New York stage. Cart delves into the amusing account of her first encounter with New York City.

She and a partner chose to visit New York City before she became famous. They were mistaken for prostitutes and thrown out of their hotel because of their outlandish appearance and long hair.

The two cowgirls are wandering around the city, trying to figure out where they want to spend the evening when they come upon 42nd street. A man approaches Dolly, attempting to elicit her services.

She finally threatens to pull a weapon from her backpack to repel him. Conan bursts out laughing, astounded by the twist in Dolly’s story. She admits that her melody contains “all day” of experience.

Dolly has returned to New York City ordinarily since that evening filled with a parody of mishaps, and she has fallen head over heels with it. She continues to consult Conan about her loved ones.

She also talks about how sensationalist publications seem to be fixated with her. She is really nice in her portrayal of the fabricated stories that they publish. We’re also fixated on you, Cart!

Here is the video: