It’s been a long time since November 25, 1932. It had just been 14 years since the First World War ended. The United States was in the midst of the Great Depression, and President Franklin D. Roosevelt had just been elected. $21 would get you an ounce of gold and some change.

It’s also the anniversary of Ann and John Betar’s elopement. They grew up in a close-knit Syrian community in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and flew to New York for the surprise wedding, defying her family’s plans to marry her off to a much older guy.

The fact that they’re still married after 85 years is quite extraordinary! He is 106 years old and she is 102 years old. Theirs is one of the longest-lasting marriages in history, and they have been named the United States’ longevity champion. “They claimed it wouldn’t last,” John observed ironically.

Ann and John know a thing or two about marriage. They’ve been on television, and they’ve even given marriage advise on Twitter. It’s been crucial to understand and accept their flaws. It’s also crucial to avoid fights and not carry grudges:

“It’s solely about food,” John remarked, “that’s the only argument we had.” “See?” Ann interjected. That’s exactly what he believes! “It’s all about the food.” Having a good sense of humor helps, too! Friendship has a role in the equation as well: if you get along well as friends and enjoy pleasurable things together as friends, love is more likely to last.

“Marriage isn’t a lovey-dovey affair, you know, for 80 years,” Ann adds. You learn to accept one another’s way of life, make agreements, have arguments — especially about our children — and prepare to raise your children. Your children were the major focus of attention.” If you want to hear more pearls of wisdom from this incredible team, watch the video at the end.

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