Dean Nicholson, a 31-year-old Scotsman, had the notion to travel around the world in September 2018.

He took a solo bike tour from his hometown of Dunbar to put this plan into action without delay. Dean’s adventure was going well in general as he began his journey southward.

He was able to travel to a total of eight different nations.

It’s worth noting that Dean’s plans changed radically when he was crossing the state boundary with Montenegro.

Despite the hard music playing, Dean heard a loud meow behind him, which he immediately knew.

He observed a little cat sitting and staring at him with its gorgeous eyes as he looked around.

Without hesitation, he walked down to her and petted her before moving on. However, it appears that the cat had other ideas… Nicholson had no intention of bringing the cat with him at first.

But, after touching her fur, he fell head over heels in love and couldn’t let her go.

Dean realized that she had been dumped and that she was probably starving.

The tourist took the cat with him without hesitation and took it to the nearest veterinarian facility.

After ensuring that she was in good health, the gentleman gave his companion the lovely name Nala. The pals then embarked on their journey together.

Dean made space on his bike for the cat by removing the front-mounted digital equipment and basket, replacing them with a zip lockable pet bag.

It’s worth noting that Nala swiftly demonstrated her daring side.

Dean acknowledges that the cat enjoys traveling long distances in comfort.

The animal frequently draws the attention of members of the local people from other countries.

Some people even snap photographs with the cat after learning about her background with the tourist.

Dean and his partner were stuck in a chilly downpour one day, and Nala became ill as a result.

At this point, the man understood how much he didn’t want to lose his canine companion.

So he opted to stay at one of the hostels for a bit while she recovered.

With Nala, everything is now in great working order. She continues to hang out with her new acquaintance.