It’s usually an alienated family member, an angry ex, or just some random stranger searching for free liquor that crashes a wedding. However, one couple in Brazil had an uninvited visitor of a more furry, four-legged variety, and a genuinely beautiful story ensued.

Instead of the bride herself, a stray dog that had wandered in from the storm outside walked down the aisle to the wedding chorus during Marlia and Matheus Pieroni’s tented So Paulo ceremony. As the young couple entered, the dog was removed, but just as they were about to say their vows, he reappeared – and snoozed right on top of Marlia’s veil.

Some ladies could have gone into Bridezilla mode at this point, but Marlia insisted on the dog being treated as an official guest, which he was. Marlia told The Dodo, “It was a very happy surprise for me because I love animals.”

The newlyweds looked for their surprising acquaintance as the night progressed, but he had sneaked away unseen. A city-wide quest for the stray who had stolen everyone’s hearts began, with the goal of adopting him as their own.