If you don’t want your kids to get into trouble, don’t leave them unsupervised. But what if a mother needs to go take a shower and just has a few minutes to herself with her 4-year-old child? At the very least, take your phone with you; else, you could lose hundreds of dollars.

Raissa Andrade, 32, of Recife, Brazil, left her phone unsupervised in the shower for only a few minutes. Her 4-year-old son Tom, on the other hand, had plenty of time to notice his mother’s phone and make a mess. This clever young man was happy with himself after placing a $100 McDonald’s order.

Raissa claims that her son was just left unsupervised for a few minutes. When she got home from the hospital, she wanted to shower. Meanwhile, Tom grabbed her phone and utilized her voice command to place an order for food to be delivered to their home.

Furthermore, the kid was able to verify the delivery address. Raissa informed local reporters that he must have learned how to do it from her because, during the pandemic, she was getting takeaway meals for herself and her son.

The boy placed an order for six Happy Meals, six specials, ten milkshakes, eight McSundaes.

Raissa was taken aback when she received word that her purchase had been completed and that a McDonald’s delivery would arrive at her house in just a few minutes.

Fortunately, Tom’s mother finds his pranks amusing. Despite the large order, the 4-year-old was underwhelmed by the products sent. Raissa claims that her son complained that the “yellow minion” he purchased was not delivered, destroying all ten parcels. They also neglected to include an apple pie. McDonald’s, oh, McDonald’s!

Don’t worry, the food wasn’t thrown away. Raissa shared the ordered dishes with her housemates’ families. She also told the media that her son’s amusing prank cheered her up a little because she was worried about a health issue that caused her to see a doctor…