Iceland has devised a fantastic solution for dealing with those annoying work-related emails that arrive while you’re on vacation. What is the solution? Just sit back and relax while these horses take care of the rest!

Imagine yourself having the time of your life on a peaceful vacation when your phone beeps with an unwelcome work-related e-mail. Visit Iceland has your back if you wish to avoid that circumstance. They recently debuted a unique out-of-office messaging service.

A professional team is hired to compose your OOO emails as part of a tourism marketing. Horses from Iceland. Horses will literally respond to your e-mails, yes, you read that correctly.

For this project, the team behind the concept developed a massive, fully working keyboard. The horses took care of the rest by just walking over the keyboard. They then placed the horse-sized piece of work outside in the gorgeous Icelandic countryside, showcasing its beauty.

The magnificent animals appear to like working on e-mails, and anyone may now try out their services for free. Simply go to OutHorse Your Email, choose a horse, and you’re done.

There are three horses to pick from for people who want to unwind and forget about work:

Litla Stjarna from Hvtarholti is a rapid typer, however she might take a nap.
Hrmnir frá Hvammi, with his gleaming hair, is assertive and effective.
In addition, they are pleasant. Hekla Frá orkellshóli is well-versed in corporate jargon.

But this isn’t the only feature that distinguishes the Icelandic Horse. It’s one of the world’s purest and oldest breeds, having been brought to the country by the Vikings over a thousand years ago. Other horses are not allowed to be brought into Iceland under Icelandic legislation, and exported horses are not allowed to return.

Moreover, the Icelandic horse is the strongest of all horse breeds, and it is the world’s only breed with five gaits, whereas other breeds can only perform three or four. Tölt is their most well-known gait, a unique four-beat lateral gait that is both comfortable and speedy.

So it’s no surprise they got the job. It’s as though these gifted horses were made for this!

Do not forget to watch the video below!