In a show like The X Factor, the song selection is almost as essential as the voice of those competing for a spot on the show. Contents have only a few minutes to show off their skills and prove why they deserve to be on the show.

As a result, a badly chosen song that fails to highlight the contestant’s particular qualities can mean the difference between success and failure. The singer’s talent, as well as their personalities and stage presence, must be highlighted in the song.

Simon Cowell was skeptical when the young woman in the video below got out on stage and said she intended to perform Amazing Grace to earn a spot lower down the competition. “You are a bold girl,” he added, obviously indicating that he had some reservations about the girl’s odds of success.

However, both the judges and the audience were taken aback by her unique interpretation of a song that we all know. It’s difficult to take a song with a distinct personality and make it your own, which is why this performance is so great. Take a look at this: