Social networks have a lot of benefits, but they also contain drawbacks that worry some parents a lot.

Lorna Goldstrand Klefsaas, a mom from Minnesota (USA), did not want her son Sievert to use social networks too frequently, but she was not going to just ban him from doing so. Instead, she came up with another method of diverting the child’s attention away from the smartphone.

When Sievert was 12 years old, his mother challenged him to a wager that required him to abstain from social media until he was an adult and then win $ 1,800 as compensation. The youngster accepted the challenge and gave up social media for an entire six years.

“In general, I don’t have anything against social media, but I support wise usage of them. People shouldn’t be dependent on them, said Sivert’s mother, Lorna.

Due to the fact that Sievert had not yet had time to become used to social networks and did not feel that he was losing out on much by not utilizing them prior to the bet, six years went by without any issues and nervous breakdowns brought on by their absence. When the young man turned 18, he finished the task that his mother had set for him and won his financial prize.

As a result, when the man reached 18, he performed the duty assigned by his mother satisfactorily and was awarded his justly deserved financial prize, which he would use to furnish a room in a university residence hall.

Now that Sievert is allowed to use social media, he avoids using them excessively and is more likely to study or engage in physical activity.