Do you recall your activities when you were 12 years old? If you were anything like me when I was 12 years old, you probably spent most of your spare time having fun with friends and acting like a star while standing in front of the mirror with hairspray can in place of a microphone.

The girl you are about to see in the video below, Amira Willighagen, is also 12 years old, but unlike most children her age, she is actually a global sensation. You know, Amira only started viewing YouTube videos when she was 9 years old. Through these, she learned various vocal techniques for showcasing her great voice.

She began performing with some of the most well-known classical music vocalists in the world barely three years later. You’ll want to watch the video below numerous times because it has her singing an amazing duet with Neapolitan-Austrian vocalist Patrizio Buanne.

Even Patrizio Buanne was awestruck by her voice when he first heard it. By listening to her performance, you would never think that she is not even old enough to attend high school. Please take a moment to share if you loved this duet as much as we did.

Here is the video: