In an Indian family, a startling thing has happened.

At the age of 94, a farmer became a dad for the first time. He had a second son two years later.

In 2010, Ramajit Raghav celebrated becoming a parent for the first time.

An heir was born to him by his wife Shakuntala, who is 40 years his junior.

The Indian was identified as the father with the highest “average age” at the same time, and the couple discovered a year later that he would soon welcome a second kid into the family.

Although Ramanjit and Shakuntale had hoped for a girl, another boy was born in 2012.

The 96-year-old Indian continued by stating that he has spent the majority of his life outside, inhaling fresh air, and consuming produce from his own garden in order to explain the phenomena of late parenthood.

Public reports claim that the record holder passed away in his 105th year.

I have one year left. His record hasn’t been beaten yet, though.

We want to learn about the little guy’s and his wife’s achievements in life and send our best wishes to them.