A yellow flep shell turtle is incredibly beautiful and has a lovely appearance. The rare golden turtle, sometimes known as “grilled cheese,” is quite uncommon.

In India, the turtle was discovered. Its hue is similar to that of a banana, the sun, a flower, or egg yolk.

Due to his adorable appearance, the golden turtle has gained immense popularity online. It has a brilliant color. The turtle is dominant because of its eye-catching color.

This turtle’s common name is Indian flap shell turtle. This turtle has yellow markings on a brown background. They can occasionally be yellow in color.

South Asia is where one can find these turtles. Wild, these turtles stick out like sore fingers. These turtles don’t spend a lot of time in the wild.

Albinism is the cause of the turtle’s color. The animals become white due to albinism, however this is a rare instance.