Kids say and do the darndest things, as you may have heard. This claim is supported by a video of a young child imitating her grandfather’s gait, complete with a cane.

The sweetest toddler girl wearing pink is walking down the foyer of the house. Right away, you might wonder why she is clutching a stick. Additionally, she is beaming from ear to ear.

You then notice her grandfather walking with a stick and limping behind her. When they walk, the child begins to stoop over something, so she crawls ahead while he keeps up.

Make it happen, young woman! is heard as a voice. Another may be heard laughing maniacally behind closed doors. The young woman is doing an excellent impression and has this stride down.

On the unlikely occasion that the Grandpa gets upset, he can reassure her that she wasn’t walking a few months ago. She is currently moving and berating her Grandpa. She appreciates every thought.

Everyone laughs together as it is all done in good humor. Granddad seems to be participating in the antics, and the young child is undoubtedly aware of how to act in front of the camera. She moves as far across the lounge as she can.

This young lady remembers her grandfather’s stroll. She broadcasts the show for each and every one of her admirers, and as of right now, she has over 1,000,000 views. For everyone who is interested and everybody who is watching, it is an extraordinary snicker.

Here is the video: