1932 It’s been a while since November 25, really. The First World War ended just 14 years ago. Franklin Roosevelt had just been elected president while the United States was experiencing a Great Depression. There were various modifications, but he could get a gram of gold for $21.

John Bethar and Anne Bethar celebrate on that day. They went to New York City for an instant wedding, defying her family’s plans for her to marry an older man. They were born and nurtured in one of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s most secure communities.

The fact that they were still married 85 years later was quite amazing. He has now reached the ages of 102 and 106. Their union has been honored as a champion of longevity in the United States and is regarded as one of the longest marriages in history. John chuckled as he mentioned. They predicted that it wouldn’t endure long.

Only Anne and John are qualified to provide marriage counseling. They also gave TV interviews and even offered some marriage advice to the general public on Twitter. It was crucial to acknowledge and accept their flaws. Another good and significant situation is avoiding arguments and not harboring resentments. John laughed. The only disagreement we have ever had in our years of marriage is about cooking.

But Anne stopped. Here are his thoughts. It only concerns cooking. Undoubtedly helpful is having a good sense of humor! Additionally important to the mix is the component of the company. It is more possible that love will survive for many years if you get along well with friends and enjoy doing activities as though you were friends.

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