Modern medicine does not view post-mortem fertilization as a fantastical occurrence. Ellidy Vlag, the well-known snowboarder’s wife, chose this course of action. But if not for one aspect, the story might become routine given that IVF is no longer unusual. 15 months after the death of his father, the baby was born.

In addition to his professional activities, the young Australian snowboarder enjoyed playing the guitar, diving, and spearfishing, among other interesting pastimes. However, it was these hazardous ones that captured his attention and ultimately led to his death.

On July 8, 2020, a diver in the Australian city of Gold Coast discovered Alex passed. Ellidy didn’t give up on the idea of having a child with her husband even after he passed away.

Beloved and Alex had been together for 8 years at the time of Alex’s passing. The couple has been trying to conceive for the previous four years of their marriage, but nothing has worked out.

The pair is already aware that they will need to use the IVF technique if nothing happens in the upcoming months. The devastating passing of Alex would seem to have put a stop to the hope of a shared child, but Ellidy was unwavering.

The girl approached Alex’s parents with this, full of hope, and they didn’t think twice about agreeing and helping her in any way they could.

Ellidy emphasized over and time again the conflicting emotions she experienced while pregnant. She was really delighted to be carrying a child from her adored husband, which was one thing.

On the other side, this was also accompanied with resentment that her spouse was unable to accompany her throughout this special period and the subsequent parenting of their daughter.

Thankfully, the embryo developed without any problems, and on October 25 of this year, the 29-year-old widow gave birth to a kid from her cherished boyfriend. She gave the child the name Minnie.