It is unknown when the lady would have received assistance if not for the monster. In the English city of Bodmin, a domestic cat caught people’s attention with its loud wailing and saved an 83-year-old woman who had fallen 20 meters down a gorge.

The old British lady left the home and didn’t come back for more than one hour, which led the lady’s neighbors to believe that something was strange.

People sounded the alarm and started looking for the retired person, but just then, one of the residents spotted his cat Piran at the edge of the cornfield close to the lady’s house.

The man eagerly followed him and then acknowledged what was happening after a short while.

The retired person was then flown to a nearby facility in a helicopter. It is taken into account because doctors have the choice to balance out the woman’s condition.

However, as they pointed out, it would have been too late to save the woman without the cat!