The dream of becoming a mother is not always realized for women. But occasionally, even in the most hopeless situations, a miracle occurs: after repeated failed attempts to become pregnant, God nevertheless sends a woman happiness. This is clearly demonstrated by the experience of one Australian woman.

She was prepared to quit after making repeated attempts to get pregnant. However, a genuine miracle occurred at the most unlikely time, which will be covered later. Unfavorable judgment was rendered by the doctors.

Manda Upton, a resident of Sydney, had long-held family-related dreams. She was not involved with a man for an extended period of time. She firmly decided to become a single mother after the divorce. As a result, Manda became aware of infertility at the age of 39.

Without delay, she started her treatment. The woman had to undergo roughly 23 medical procedures in total, along with three IVF cycles, so it was a long and challenging process. Despite all efforts and a strong desire to become pregnant, none of them were successful.

The physicians advised Manda to use donated embryos following three unsuccessful IVF cycles. She started looking for donors who looked like her since she wanted the child to look as much like her as possible. Already the first ultrasound revealed something unexpected.

Manda went to her first ultrasound at 7 weeks pregnant expecting the worst. The truth is that she experienced a minor bleeding just before going to the doctor.

Despite her worries, the woman received wonderful news at the scan when the doctor revealed that she was pregnant. I was extremely happier to learn that both embryos successfully rooted. Manda gave birth to a baby in August 2018.

Pregnancy was simple. The toxicosis, which lasted for the first 5 months, alarmed the pregnant mother. Manda, 50, gave birth to her first set of two completely healthy daughters in August 2018. The girls were delivered surgically. The Australian now owns a company that sells organic cotton.

She can spend a lot of time raising kids because she has a flexible schedule. The story of Manda Upton demonstrates that despite many challenges and unfavorable medical predictions, you can accomplish what you want.

The most important thing is to have faith in a miracle and work tirelessly to find happiness.