Coming from somebody with so much life experience, this was quite lovely. As she sung the song, I had the impression that I could experience every high and every low in her life.

Nita Talley, a 93-year-old native of Memphis, beautifully performs “One Day at a Time,” demonstrating how she instilled a love of music in her grandchildren.

She still has that love within her.

2 family members joined her, playing the guitar to the gospel song One Day at a Time, written by Marijohn Wilkin and Kris Kristofferson, per the video.

The title of the song is apt given that it stresses faith and the journey of life.

However, when our parents and grandparents age, religion can play a particularly big role in their life. While the younger generation is typically less religious, this might change as they get older.

Some people’s beliefs drive them in life. Seeing this grandmother sing with her family is enough to bring tears to everyone’s eyes, even those who are not religious.

Nita at first appeared to be a little bored.
She was initially uninterested, but soon started singing along.

The woman’s wide range of emotions as she sung made it clear that she had had a rich life. She also seemed to be really happy.

Here is the video: