Jolie, her 13-year-old daughter, recently expressed her desire to live with her father in public. According to sources, the girl no longer desires to reside with her mother since she found her actions throughout the divorce process offensive.

Shiloh allegedly did not even ask her mother’s consent before putting her in front of the truth.

Angelina will be distraught when she eventually understands her daughter has abandoned her, according to close friends. B. Pitt, the girl’s father, was overjoyed to get the news. The Shiloh siblings may very well emulate him, according to the same sources.

After all, the home’s environment has changed from what it once was. There isn’t a trustworthy source available right now to properly validate or deny this information.

The networks are increasingly receiving joyful pictures of the famous mother. You are not allowed to express to them your displeasure.

Remember how the former partners struggled for a very long period to come to an agreement over the care of the children? Jolie initially opposed her ex-husband getting in touch with them, but she eventually made a deal.

The actor can now speak to the children whenever he wants. Let’s hope that their family’s situation improves quickly.