You might have some questions about the picture of a young girl playing with a large amount of money, but wait until you learn the background of this perhaps contentious picture.

Larsen syndrome, an uncommon disorder that causes faulty bone formation, was present at birth in the young Addie’s body. Little Addie spent the majority of her early years at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, Texas, as a result. Mother Julie, who never left her side, was always by her side.

In total, Addie has changed 60 to 70 leg casts thus far. Additionally, Addie had four surgeries to correct her legs’ posterior alignment after birth. Addie’s family was no longer able to pay for the necessary medical care after years and years of pricey treatments and operations.

Luckily, she is still receiving free care from the medical professionals at the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital. Eight years after her birth, Addie is now more autonomous than anyone could have ever imagined. She has the ability to go above and beyond everyone’s expectations. The child decided to do something to show her gratitude to the hospital for correcting her backward knees.

Watch this video to see what she did!