In order to keep flies outdoors in the garden during the summer, have basil or mint plants in your house. As the temperature rises, many families will be seeking strategies to prevent flies from entering their homes through open windows.

According to the Mirror, a basil plant costs just 67p at Aldi whereas they go for about £1.30 at Tesco.

Cleaning specialist Polly Shearer of Tap Warehouse’s cleaning team offered additional tips on how to keep your home fly-free this summer, saying: “The heat produces an increase in flies, which means that house flies are more likely to reproduce in hot weather!

This summer, there may be tens of thousands of flies flying about BBQs and kitchens. We advise taking precautions to prevent flies and other insects from breeding in your kitchen this summer.

Additionally, avoid keeping dirty dishes in the sink. You should also immediately clean up any spills of fizzy drinks.