The creature crept into a private structure’s patio in California, or rather, Florida. The owners chose to call the cops to drive the monster away, but he would rather not leave.

When the substance began to act gradually, the creature dashed toward the sea in a frenzy and had a hard time swimming.

The substance became more grounded as the creature swam further until it began to nod off and sink.

Following that, a man named Adam, a trained scientist chose to act gradually and raced into the sea to save the animal.

Observers were taken aback by what was happening and began filming it. He later revealed that he had adrenaline in his blood when he shared the creature sink.

The bear had previously recovered when he swam up, but because he couldn’t stay above water, his paws were rejected.

Adam reacted quickly, grabbing him by the neck and swimming with the creature’s head above the water. It was difficult, but the man refused to give up.