Alexander, a 12-year-old boy, performed a truly heroic act. He rescued the dog from the gutter, where the baby was about to drown.

In the rain, the puppy’s mom gave birth to her cub under the shelter. However, a heavy downpour once washed one dog into the dump, but the little one was fortunate because Sasha was passing by at the time.

Because the ditch was too narrow, the boy wounded his arm. Passers-by who witnessed this act rushed to the ambulance. Sasha’s performance did not go unnoticed.

The hero’s fame grew, and he became very famous throughout his town. People are overjoyed that such a brave boy is growing older in their town.

The boy received the Courage Award from the Youth Center.

We are grateful that such children exist in our world, as it indicates that there is great hope for a bright future. We also want to thank Sasha’s parents, who were able to instill nobility, devotion, and a love for animals in their son from a young age.