Many people became aware of a girl named Yaroslava Titorchuk through a popular TV show in which specialists assist those in need.

Yaroslava went through a lot in her life.

She was up in a troubled family where her parents had bad habits and left when she was young.

The girl was sent to an orphanage by social services, but her grandma “rescued” her after a while.

Because the woman was already elderly, she was unable to properly raise and care for her adolescent granddaughter.

As a result, Yaroslava, 13, became involved in bad company and began to drink and smoke in an attempt to “cure” her mental wounds.

As a result, she began to experience major health difficulties, and hospital professionals advised her that she needed to have her lower jaw removed immediately because serious processes had already started there.

Furthermore, in order for the girl to continue living a full life and not be afraid to look in the mirror, a costly prosthesis was required, which Yaroslava did not have.

The girl turned to the media for assistance.

The specialists performed several operations, fitted the patient with a prosthetic (for which people from all across the country contributed funds), and were able to totally restore the lower half of the face.

Yaroslava then chose the correct route, quitting drinking, marrying, and having a son. She now works in a rehabilitation center, which formerly assisted her in overcoming her addiction.

The girl has become noticeably more attractive on the outside.

Her eyes are filled with happiness and love in the photographs.

Netizens disagree: some say the girl is unworthy of happiness because she purposefully damaged her life, while others believe it is not her fault and that everyone who falls on hard times is entitled to a second opportunity.