A ride from the medical clinic to the house of a newborn infant from Hamburg proved to be an extraordinary adventure (Germany). The truth is that delighted parents accidentally left the infant in a taxi. Fortunately, this story had a happy ending.

Mom and dad realized they had forgotten the child in the cab when it disappeared around the corner.

The young father arrived to the maternity hospital with his one-year-old eldest kid to pick up his wife with a baby. Following exuberant celebrations, hugs, and kisses, the happy family boarded a taxi and returned home.

When they arrived at their destination, the family’s head paid for the journey, assisted his wife in getting out of the car, assisted his eldest son in getting out of the kid seat, bid farewell to the driver, and… slammed the cab door.

Only a few minutes later, when the cab had already vanished around the corner, the young mother and father became aware that someone appeared to be missing. And they realized they had just forgotten to remove the primary character of the day and the occasion’s hero from the special children’s automobile cradle. Dad, distraught with dread, ran by leaps and bounds for a taxi, but did not catch up.

Meanwhile, the taxi driver, who had “neither sleep nor spirit,” had no notion he had a small passenger in his car and drove on orders. After a few hours, he became hungry and went to eat at a neighboring cafe, leaving the car in the underground parking.

After the lunch break, the driver returned to work, completely unconscious of the infant napping peacefully in the rear seat. And proceeded to the next airport call. This is where everything became clear.

Passengers entering the taxi were astonished to see another fellow traveler in the back seat and inquired about him with the driver. Coincidentally, it was at this point that the infant awoke, realized he needed to eat, and burst into tears.

Fortunately, the cab driver recovered swiftly and immediately called the police. It turned out that the police had spent several hours unsuccessfully searching all taxi services in the city for a lost baby. Because, of course, the terrible parents failed to recall the license plate number of the vehicle in which they were traveling.

But this incredible story ended nicely. The baby was transported to the doctor, who found no signs of an unexpected journey in him. Except he was quite hungry. As a result, the infant was passed from hand to hand to the delighted parents as soon as possible. And, understanding that the poor parents had already punished themselves enough, the police officers decided to make simply a little suggestion.