No one will believe that this stunning woman suffered from anorexia two years ago. The small girl grew absolutely fatigued, and physicians feared for her life. At the time, the prospect of regaining health and returning to regular life was ruled out.

Briton Anna Windley weighed 29kg and could barely handle a slice of toast with butter for an entire day. That doesn’t happen every day. Her frantic anxiety of gaining weight became excruciating, and her body began to reject all food on occasion.

She started losing weight quickly, and even being aware of the severity of the situation didn’t help the youngster regain her appetite.

The interruption arrived abruptly. She craved…a bar of chocolate for the first time in a long time. Anna expected her sweet tooth to transform her figure overnight, but full recovery took two years.

Chocolate was an excellent starting point, and she was able to broaden her diet over time, and the sad anxiety that hindered her from enjoying food vanished. Anna, 21, is now a beautiful woman who is free of complexes.

She lives her life without denying herself pleasure. Chocolate was one of the endearing peculiarities that allowed her to return to normal life.