Trouble struck Amanda when she was just three months old. Her mother rubbed the girl with menthol ointment at the moment, and when she turned away for a diaper, the girl rolled off the couch onto the steam heater. The baby was immediately burned severely. She was rushed to the burn unit at Albany Medical Center.

This photograph was released in the annual report of the Albany Medical Center in 1977, and it quickly became highly popular. Susan Berger, a young nurse, is pictured holding Amanda straight after the operation.

Susan recalls having just arrived at the burn center. And the baby was nearly her first patient. By the way, the girl was taken aback when the infant did not cry or even fell asleep after the operation.

The nurse then talked to her while holding her in her arms, and they were photographed together. It wasn’t a planned portrait, therefore no one cared how they looked in the photograph because they were battling for Amanda’s life at the time.

It has now been 38 years. Amanda Scarpinatti said that she stared at this photo anytime she felt down. She resolved to search for her childhood guardian angel.

“For many years after that happened, I had to repair the repercussions of burns.” I’ve encountered various views about myself: children teased and avoided playing with me, parents of my friends refused to invite me to visit, and I was too frightening for many.

And that was quite humiliating. Aside from my parents’ devotion, this photo full of love has always supported me.

A strange woman cradles me in her arms with affection that not everyone can muster in the presence of their child. When things became difficult for me, which happened frequently, I would gaze at our portrait and find the strength to joy once again.

In truth, Amanda had been hunting for Susan for years, and when she cried out on social media, fortune smiled on her. Susan Berger was discovered on the same day because her publication was republished by hundreds of individuals.

The women finally met two weeks later. Everyone in the room was moved to tears because it was so genuine and beautiful.

And two spirits stood embracing, as if they had never been apart.