When their baby son Bence was born, his parents were taken aback.

What’s the reason? Their adored son had snow-white hair.

Bence’s parents concluded from away that their baby was an albino.

Her son’s doctor, on the other hand, had a different message for them.

Millions of kids are born every year, and each one is different.

Each baby is unique in terms of skin tone, eye color, hair color, and personality – each baby is a blessing in its own right.

However, around 5 out of every 100,000 newborns are born albino. Albinism is an inherited recessive condition that results in a loss of pigmentation in the eyes, skin, and hair.

Bence was born in Hungary, weighing more than 5 kg and measuring 55 cm in length.

But his parents couldn’t believe what they were seeing since Bence was born with a head full of snow-white hair.

They were concerned, believing that something was wrong and that their child was sick.

They were certain their youngster was albino. Albinism is not hazardous, however albinos frequently face difficulties…

Bence’s doctors took a blood sample and got an answer for his frightened parents within a few days.

Bence was, in fact, fully normal. He was not an albino; he simply had very light hair. Doctors predict that his hair will darken with age.

“It is a local and transitory loss of melanin; the child’s hair will become darker over time,” the physicians told a local newspaper.

One possible explanation for a child’s white hair is a temporary loss of melanin. People with it are born with fair skin and white hair, but their skin and hair darken over time.

Bence’s parents sighed a sigh of relief when they learned that their little treasure was fully healthy. Furthermore, he had a lot of white hair.

Bence’s images went viral, earning him the moniker “Prince Charming.” Really cute, and the nickname fits perfectly.

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