Apasra Khongsakula is the name of a beautiful Thai woman who honored her country by winning a major beauty competition. The Miss Universe final pageant was one of the most prominent cultural events on a global scale in the late 1960s. Apasra, 18, won first place in her university’s competition, and the national jury named her “Miss Thailand.”

After passing a special selection, the Thai beauty became one of 57 countries qualified to compete in the final. It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go global, and the queen herself served as the girl’s mentor during the planning stages. She wowed the jury with her delicacy and true princess manners. Apasra’s diminutive stature (164 cm) and broken English did not hinder her from obtaining a worthy triumph.

A frail Asian woman with a genuine grin won over not only professionals, but also the global public, who were able to follow the competition via television coverage and newspapers.

The humble student returned to her birthplace wearing the crown of the first beauty, and her unpredicted victory constituted a watershed moment in Thailad’s fate.

But she still had to find her loved one. Apasra was named Thailand’s cultural ambassador and joined the country’s socio-political elite. High officials, affluent people, and celebrities all wanted her hands, but she picked a noble prince who was a relative of the reigning queen.

However, this marriage collapsed. The couple divorced after the heir was born. Aspara’s second attempt at family formation resulted in another son. But I had to go through divorce proceedings again this time. Failures in her personal life did not deter the young woman from pursuing and advancing her job.

She is still a member of the royal family and runs a successful business. Apasra, aged 74, is an energetic and lovely owner of Raymond Weil Watches and a high-end spa in Bangkonk. Despite having the honorary title of grandmother to grown grandkids, she maintained her image of unrivaled beauty. It’s difficult to imagine that this modern woman and the black-and-white photograph’s 55-year-old daughter are the same person.

The Thai beauty’s lifestyle hasn’t changed much since then. She continues to invest on beauty treatments and workouts. Miss Universe’s sole response to ignorant concerns regarding cosmetic surgery is her beautiful grin.

The degree of physical alteration of doctors in his culture denotes prominence and a high social status.