Chanko, a one-year-old Japanese child, has already been in a commercial for the iconic brand Pantene! And it’s all down to the baby’s extremely rich hair, which nature bestowed upon him. Tyanko’s thick and glossy hair is impossible to look at without admiration. It’s astonishing that Pantene brand staff couldn’t pass up such a beauty? “She’s perfect for us!”

They found out about Tyanko through her grandfather’s Instagram account, which is regularly maintained by the girl’s mother. The unique appearance of a small Japanese woman was instantly recognized by representatives of the fashion company. Few people can boast of such exquisite natural hair at the age of one.

Modeling agents, as expected, sought to find a female for a new Pantene advertising campaign. They were successful without any trouble, since Tyanko’s mother agreed to accept a hefty contract right away. The lady determined that her daughter’s beauty should not go unrecognized, because the girl is truly unique.

Tyanko, a one-year-old girl, debuted in her first commercial on January 7. Sato Kondo, a well-known TV presenter known for her excellent hair, was also present.

Tyanko’s mother seemed to have done the right thing by allowing her daughter to appear in an advertising for a well-known business.

After all, the fluffy-haired infant gained more followers, and Pantene gained new clients.