The Detroit Police Department had a very unique visit from a 9-year-old girl, and the incident is now gaining attention.

The girl chose to surprise the men in blue on their birthday to express her gratitude for all of the hard work they do every day and for risking their lives to protect the town where she lives.

Samya packed sandwiches for all of the police officers on call that day and delivered them to the police station with the help of her parents. The girl had this notion after witnessing the tragedy in Dallas, where five officers were killed in a sniper attack.

Samya paid for her groceries with her own money as well as money she received from loved ones on her birthday. The cops returned the favor by showering the sweet and generous little girl with their own gifts. They also awarded Samya the title of “Officer of the Day,” which she gladly accepted.

In an era where the divide appears to be prospering, it’s refreshing to witness cases like these where the community and cops come together in one of the country’s largest cities.

Here is the video: