His voice has a lovely melancholy about it.

Kieran Rhodes, a 20-year-old New York native, was accepted to the Berklee College of Music after deciding that, despite his passion for baseball, he wanted to play the piano and sing.

In university, Rhodes was a Division 1 baseball player, but it wasn’t until his freshman year of high school that he decided to pursue music.

“Music just happened to me, and I taught myself how to play and write.” “I suddenly got a sudden desire to be a musician, and my life made a complete 180-degree change,” he explained.

He appears to be a modest, humble child, but don’t be fooled by his appearance. This guy can sing and play the guitar.

“I believe AGT is the ideal opportunity for me to introduce myself to the rest of the world,” he said.

Kieran got a standing ovation, and the judges praised him as well. With that kind of quality, you can bet Rhodes will advance to the next round!

Watch and listen to this extremely gifted young man in the video below!