Ian, a 56-year-old man, lives in the city of Gainsborough, Linсolnshire, United Kingdom.

He doesn’t have a partner or children, but that doesn’t bother the Briton because he lives with 70 of his favorite felines.

Since roughly 1992, Ian has been living with homeless critters. In the meanwhile, he has assisted over 5,000 felines and educated a large proportion of them to work with epiletics.

Felines can anticipate an emergency at the proprietor’s properties, which means they can warn him.

According to the Briton, all of his felines are healthy and live in good conditions. He even strolls them now and then. He is a pet connoisseur not only for food and toys, but also for therapy.

«I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, and I don’t seek ladies,» Ian says. — I simply spend time with cats, and all of my problems vanish. Furthermore, the feline-filled space is extremely warm.

I adore animals and enjoy spending my time with them.