People are in awe of the choreography in a gorgeous video of a hand ballet done by dancers with disabilities. The ensemble appears to be one giant entity because of how well the dance is timed.

It served as the final handoff ceremony for the Tokyo Paralympic Games and was performed by 128 athletes. Sadeck Waff, a French dancer who is among the most inventive, served as its director.

A person with a bionic right hand and a human left hand enters the stage during the performance. Although this displayed a particular sort of impairment, the artwork produced for the performance was impressive.

Both experts and amateurs performed while seated in wheelchairs and moving their arms in time to the music. Another French musician also contributed to the music’s composition.

Orchestre National De France gave the piece’s debut performance after Woodkid’s composition. It blends with the hand ballet, which gives the spectator the impression of magical creativity and starlings.

The hand ballet was silently observed. Everyone in attendance must have been riveted to the cadence and focus of each artist.

It had the appearance of a flock of birds making waves in the sky, but it also had the appearance of distinct individual identities that are priceless taken together. The show is a legitimate representation of the Olympic Games’ unity.

Here is the video: