Her voice is so strong and gorgeous that it gives me shivers. Particularly in this song, you’re taken from the ground up to the clouds.

Her ascending crescendos raise the spirit and soul higher than any angel has ever been able to. This song is perfect for every day of the year. It is really lovely.

As the song says, Christmas is the most lovely season of the year. The homes are filled with the lovely aroma of apple pie and gingerbread, while the businesses are crowded with eager customers looking for deals. Snowmen are placed in the yards of houses and decorated with glittering lights… Hope is in the air, and our hearts are joyful and bright. Christmas is once more upon us.

And that also means that Christmas music is back. This is what makes this holiday season special and joyous. A single song can transport us back in time and revive joyful recollections of happier times. O Holy Night is one of my favorite songs. It is just the best Christmas song ever because of something about it.

Unsurprisingly, Susan Boyle performed one of the greatest renditions of O Holy Night I have ever heard. If you like Susan Boyle, you’ll appreciate her live on-air rendition of O Holy Night.

When Susan Boyle featured on the popular television program “Britain’s Got Talent,” she gained notoriety. When she entered the room for her audition, many people had doubts about her, but as soon as she began singing with her magnificent voice, everyone knew she would win—and indeed, she did! She is a remarkable success tale.

Susan sings “O Holy Night” for us in this amazing video, and it is just stunning! She is joined on stage by a choir, and the two of them work together to sing “O Holy Night” in one of the finest renditions you will ever hear. Additionally, the production values are extraordinary.

This performance of “O Holy Night” is very emotional due to Susan’s heavenly voice, the young, young faces in the chorus behind her, the dim lighting, the white, dazzling Christmas lights, and other factors. Susan begins by singing very softly and low, which is beautifully complemented by the calming sounds of the gifted kids who are all wearing white in the background.

The song then grows in strength, velocity, excitement, and volume with each new line. You will undoubtedly feel moved in your soul and get in the holiday spirit after watching this lovely, soul-stirring performance of “O Holy Night.”

Enjoy the amazing video here: