I was moved by her response!

Most parents send their children to music school so they can learn an instrument.

The goal is for the kids to become proficient at and love the instrument they are playing. Some kids, meanwhile, lack the excitement for that. Some people could even start to hate the idea of going to music school.

Other kids are eager to learn, but their parents are unable to pay for the sessions.

Parents who can play one or more instruments somehow serve as their child’s first teachers. Others, however, help them by purchasing used musical instruments, music books, and other necessary resources. Also, hi! Nowadays, it’s simpler for kids to learn independently thanks to YouTube.

While individuals who attend music school have an advantage, independent study is equally as valuable.

Many legendary musicians, like Kurt Cobain, Elton John, Dave Grohl, and Prince, learned their craft on their own. The path to greatness is paved with discipline and perseverance, not with the presence or absence of a prestigious music conservatory. When parents witness the results of their child’s labor, it makes them feel more proud.

Hannah Kelly surprised her mother by learning to play the piano on her own.

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