The news that Kimberly and her spouse Craig were expecting a second child came as a complete shock. They did not intend to have any more children because they already have a loving daughter. Yes, and Kimberly’s advanced age prompted questions about her ability to properly carry a child and give birth to him without suffering harm.

But it was too early to start worrying excessively. Two stripes on the test only hinted at a potential family expansion. A doctor had to examine everything. Kimberly’s pregnancy was verified by the physician. Even additional information could be revealed after the examination. It turns out that the woman is actually expecting three children, not just one. It surprised me.

The thought that their family would soon include three newborns had to be adjusted by the parents as well as their daughter. The Fugate family has been getting ready to “meet” their three babies for for six months.

The birth then started. Despite Kimberly’s advanced age, the birth went smoothly. The laboring woman was breathing well and pushed on cue. Parents were relieved as soon as the third baby was accepted by the doctor, as were the medical personnel. However, they were shocked to hear the doctor say, “I see the legs of another, fourth child,” exactly a second later.

It turned out that throughout the scan, the baby was consistently “hiding” behind the sisters. Then he showed there, shocking everyone as he did so. The children were all identical twins! Additionally, the likelihood of occurrence is extremely low—1 in 13 million.

The fact that there were only female infants was another surprise. So, the Fugate family’s way of life has drastically changed in a short period of time. They expanded into a huge family and gained four snobby causes for joy. So fate can surprise us!