For many years, medical professionals and psychologists have discussed how there is an energetic link between mother and kid. So, in one of the maternity facilities in the northeastern Brazilian city of Fortaleza, this notion was once more verified.

28-year-old Amanda da Silva has had epilepsy since she was a young girl. But she married the man she adored and gave birth quickly. However, Amanda occasionally experienced seizures. The final one, which was quite strong, happened with barely 3 weeks to delivery.

The young woman was transported to the hospital by ambulance. The doctors made the decision to conduct a cesarean section out of concern that a further seizure could endanger not only the mother and baby’s lives but also their health. Following the procedure, a cute boy weighing 2.1 kg was delivered. Victor, which is a name that meaning “winning,” was given to him.

Doctors put Amanda into an artificial coma with the use of sedatives in order to avoid any potential difficulties. And when the young mother’s condition stabilized and there was no longer a risk of another epileptic episode, she stopped taking the medication.

However, Amanda did not awaken from her coma. And despite the physicians’ best efforts, the woman remained motionless and showed no signs of discomfort. There were 23 days like this. And a miracle occurred: after making physical touch with her kid, Amanda’s eyes began to cry up. Additionally, the equipment noted a rise in the frequency of breathing and heartbeat. The physicians and nurses in the ward sobbed in relief and joy as they all gazed at this heartwarming image.

Surprisingly, the woman had no recollection of the procedure when she woke up. It was also difficult to accept that she now has a son. She didn’t actually understand she was no longer pregnant until she put her palm on her belly.

After then, Amanda’s condition rapidly started to get better. And she and the infant were sent home after just three weeks.

The fact that the young mom recovered so swiftly after a 23-day coma stay completely astounded the entire hospital staff!