Many people were startled when music singer Janet Jackson revealed she was expecting at the age of 50.

These ages are extremely risky for both the mother and the unborn child when considering pregnancy.

Daljinder Kaur, 72, of Amritsar, Punjab, Northern India, has “bested” Janet’s record by a significant margin—by 20 years specifically. At the age of 72, Daljinder gave birth to her first son, making international news. The mother now acknowledges that the birth has had an impact on her health, 11 months later.

Daljinder shared a home with her 79-year-old husband Mohinder Singh Gill. Before finding out they were expecting their first child, the couple, who had been married for 47 years, enjoyed their retirement years. The couple has undergone IVF procedures over the past two years in an effort to get pregnant. Their work paid off in April 2016. Their child was given the name Arman Singh.

My life now seems complete, I have plenty of energy to take care of my child, and my husband supports me as much as he can because he is a kind and caring parent, Daljinder said. “My God has answered my prayers,” she continued.

At home, with their newborn son, Arman’s Indian parents are Mohinder Singh Gill, 79, and Daljinder Kaur, 70.

The IVF clinic wasn’t initially too excited about the concept. They came to the conclusion that Daljinder was not physically capable of completing the treatment and might not be able to. But ultimately they decided to give it a shot.

Anorg Bishnoy, the clinic’s doctor, stated, “At first I tried to avoid it because she was really frail, but her medical tests were normal and she was fit to get pregnant.”

But his mother’s weak joints and excessive blood pressure have persisted since Arman was born. When a television crew visited the family eleven months after the baby’s birth, they revealed that their son had started to crawl.

I visited several physicians because I have high blood pressure and I feel tired easily, but all they did was prescribe me medicines and suggest a different diet, Daljinder claimed. I have to take care of my health, but I also have to take care of my child, and I’m worried about Arman.

Daljinder remarked, “Since he started crawling, I’ve been on my knees and hands constantly; my body can’t handle it, it’s lot harder than I imagined.”

When the boy was delivered, he had been alive for a year and weighed slightly more than 1 kilogram. He is still underweight, and his mother was unable to breastfeed him after three months.

She claims she doesn’t regret starting a family so late, despite all the challenges.

“He will creep in no matter where I am. I adore him; he’s a friendly youngster and always beams a smile,” she remarked.