Even though Katie Price was only thirty years old when her marriage ended, she chose to take the chance to start a new and intriguing chapter in her life rather than being sad and feeling sorry for herself.

She relocated, changed employment, and made the decision to look at adopting a child.

In 2016, Katie got in touch with a social worker regarding a four-day-old infant who had been left behind in a hospital. Katie referred to him as Grayson because he didn’t have a name.

When the court determined that Katie may finally refer to herself as Grayson’s mother, Grayson had been living with Katie for 11 months.

But then fate intervened and a new baby entered her life far sooner than she had anticipated, a baby who would profoundly alter the lives of both her and her son.

Given how much she enjoyed being a mother, Katie was excited to have a child of her own, one who would be Grayson’s younger sibling.

However, a month after Grayson was born, Katie was helped by a social worker regarding a baby left at the same hospital.

Only a few hours later, Katie, Grayson, and newborn Hannah were all at home.

But only after she realized the mother’s name was the same as Grayson’s mother and turned to look at Hannah’s hospital bracelet. She began to wonder why.

She learned that Hannah and Grayson are half-brothers after looking over Hannah’s file and running a DNA test. They share the same biological mother.

Thanks to the wonderful mother, Katie, they can now develop together.