This heartwarming tale happened at the tail end of winter. The family once attended a women’s football game in Richmond. Along with mom, dad, and their daughter Juniper, they also brought a stuffed dog named Ruff-Ruff. In actuality, the girl always carried it with her because it was her favorite toy. However, Ruff-Raff was unintentionally left behind at the hotel this time when leaving.

The girl’s mother, Allison, shared this tale on her social media accounts. She quickly called the hotel when the family got home to see whether the toy had been located there. They then received a shipment with Raff-Raff and other items a few days later.

The hotel staff informed Juniper via letters and images how her cat was faring while staying there.

“Dear Juniper, I appreciate you letting Ruff-Raff spend the day with us. He significantly aided in running the hotel! Don’t worry; we gave him plenty of time to relax, so he isn’t very exhausted. He really missed you! Once again, thank you, and we hope to see you and Ruff-Raff soon! The Doubletree crew, with love.

Ruff-Raff participated in hotel work rather than just watching it happen. He kept track of guests.

and picked up the telephone.

He then took a brief nap in the sun.

In order for tomorrow to arrive faster and allow him to meet his mistress, he then went to bed.

The long-awaited meeting has finally arrived!