Due to the hue of his eyes, this child rose to fame. Young Abushe was born with Wardenburg syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that is characterized by varying degrees of deafness, mild structural deformities brought on by a nerve process, and other coloring issues. Abushe hails from Jinki in southern Ethiopia (skin, eye, or hair changes).

In actuality, just one in forty thousand people have this syndrome because it is so uncommon.

Sources claim that when Abushe’s parents first saw the infant, they believed the child to be blind. However, they were unable to diagnose him or transport him for treatment because of their dire financial position.

Later, his parents understood that Abushe’s possessions were a gift from God.

In 2016, when the young child was living with his grandparents in a home constructed of bamboo and wood, French photojournalist Eric Laforgue first saw Abushe. Abushe was left with a scar on his forehead after their home was tragically destroyed by fire.

A crimson soccer ball, which for him meant the entirety of the world, was all he was able to save from the fire. Abushe will stop at nothing to pursue his ambition of playing professional football.

Unfortunately, Abushe was bullied by other kids who had no idea why he had those particular eyes. When someone hurts the youngster physically, they label him “plastic eyes” and “monster.”

Nevertheless, he undoubtedly made headlines in newspapers around the world and did not go unnoticed. “No one would have seen Abouche, but if you look into his eyes, their magnificent hue will stop you on the spot,” photographer Eric Laforgue wrote in a caption accompanying a portrait of Abouche taken in February 2019.

More than 6,000 people have liked the image on Instagram, and many have said how amazing Abushe is.