Nearly 30 years have passed since Johan Huibers first had the idea to construct an arch. The Dutchman had the notion to build his own ark while reading “Noah’s Ark” to his kids before bed.

He discussed his proposal with his wife, but she wasn’t quite in favor of it. Instead, she cracked a joke about how if he crossed it and ended it, his family would “go on a lunar trip.”

Huibers persisted with his scheme despite his joke, and, according to Bored Panda, his initial iteration of the ark was constructed in 2006.

According to Euro News, Huibers’ nightmare of severe flooding occurring in the Netherlands played a role in his protracted deliberation over creating the arch. Down.

Huibers claims that he began having dreams about these floods when he was 24 years old. He therefore made the decision to start a project to construct his own ark.

He started by drawing construction plans in accordance with what is written in the Old Testament. However, he realized that his initial draft was “just half the Bible’s,” so he chose to start over.