A family of 2 parents and their son resided in one of the cities in Uzbekistan. In the home lived a cat by the name of Karim. The family made the decision to move their residence at some point.

People chose to relocate to Russia after having a thorough discussion of all the options, and after some time they started to establish themselves in a tiny town in the Voronezh region. The family decided against taking the cat on the trip because they felt that it would just complicate and increase the risk of an already tough and risky voyage.

In addition to not knowing if they would be able to do so, parents also did not believe that landlords would be interested in renting to a family with a pet. Karim was abandoned in Uzbekistan and put to friends’ custody. The family was heartbroken to lose their pet, but they were devastated to discover that Karim had fled from his new house after only one day there.

Since the relocation eight months have passed, the hostess has started working at the neighborhood market, and one day she spotted a cat next to the trade pavilions. The cat and Karim were like two drops of water. When the animal spotted the woman, it approached her right away. The cat was hideously ugly: slender, frail, and racked with wounds.

The wife brought the cat home from work. The rest of the family initially denied that Karim was in front of them, but upon closer inspection, they realized that the cat truly resembled their pet in terms of both appearance and mannerisms. The family’s last remaining reservations vanished as the cat relaxed and started to recover. The cat’s behaviors matched Karim’s in every way.

Karim trekked for about eight months to go from Uzbekistan to the Voronezh region. You may find it difficult to believe that this tale is true, but there are numerous proofs that Karim did, in fact, become a real celebrity, about whom all the newspapers wrote and even multiple TV stories were shown.