Ariana Omipi, a 24-year-old New Zealander, made repeated attempts to shed weight. She initially had quick success. But the girl put on weight again too rapidly. The New Zealander’s inability to manage his or her hunger was the cause.

Her weight increased by 168 cm and 130 kilos during the course of the previous year. She was always hot, and she quickly became weary of walking. Ariana started to experience severe health concerns. So, in March 2018, the child made a drastic decision and underwent surgery.

The procedure is known as a sleeve gastroplasty. 90 percent of the girl’s stomach was removed with minimally invasive surgery. The girl claims that her ability to drop weight was a result of other factors as well, though. The New Zealander started a rigorous diet and began working out at the gym with a personal trainer.

Her weight has dropped by 58 kilos after nine months. She is 64 kg now, exactly one year after the procedure. In other words, she was able to lose half of her weight. Ariana documented her transformations on Instagram.

The former bbw now manages a well-known lifestyle website. 139 thousand people are subscribers to her account. She provides support and a true example to those who are dealing with similar issues.