This is the remarkable tale of Candice Marie Fox, a patient who, after being told she had little prospect of recovery from stage 4 cancer, successfully treated herself. Once a patient’s cancer has progressed to this stage, doctors do not anticipate that they will survive. But Candice’s incredible tale is a miracle that demonstrates what nature has to offer.

In 2011, Candice received a cancer diagnosis, and the doctors found she didn’t have long to live. When they discovered she had thyroid cancer, it was already advanced, and there wasn’t much they could do. Since cancer has already spread to other parts, they gave her a maximum of 5 years to live.

She didn’t want to undergo chemotherapy because she realized that, in the physicians’ eyes, she had already lost the battle for her life. She observed the deaths of her best friend, who was 31 years old, and her cousin, who was 13 years old, even after treatment. She came to the conclusion that chemotherapy won’t produce good results.

She then looked into other options and began researching cancer.

She decreased her stress levels and stopped using detergent and cosmetics. She discovered that stress, all chemicals, and animal products all feed cancer.

She also discovered that eating huge meals depletes the body’s energy stores. In an effort to preserve energy and fight the illness, she started eating smaller meals.

To absorb high doses of bromelain, she adjusted her diet and began ingesting three pineapples, kiwi, lemon, apples, papaya, bananas, and grapefruit each day. In actuality, she limited her daily menu to fruit.

The cancer fully vanished after six months, much to the surprise of the specialists!

She had a menu that looked like this:

Days 1–7: beet root, carrot, and celery juice along with a fruit-only diet
Same menu for days 8 through 10, but without the juice. She also consumed vitamin K and sodium selenite, which is a type of selenium. Day 11–14: Vegetables, fruit, wet almonds, and avocados

She then brought the menu back once more.

Watch Candice discuss how she overcame the horrible sickness in the interview below: