Charlotte Valandrey departed her coma after a month to join the stars. She was able to have one last conversation with her loved ones after awakening a few days before she passed away. Her final request was to be with her deceased mother, Anne-Marie, whom she referred to as “exhausted.”

The actress, known to the public for her part in the movie “Red Kiss,” earned the moniker “the warrior” for a reason.

The author had, in fact, fought a protracted battle against an uncurable illness before needing his first heart transplant. However, she stated that “the warrior is less a warrior” in June 2022.

She passed away, leaving behind her daughter Tara and her ex-husband, who supported her all the way to the end. Although the illness played a part in their split, it was also present during the French actress’s final hours.

In fact, Tara’s father, who was responsible for caring for her while she was in intensive care, eventually started to cry. The ex-lovers, though, benefited from and needed the break.

Sadly, Charlotte’s HIV status has had additional effects on her life than her life as a couple.

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Doctors informed Charlotte Valandrey when she was a teenager that she only had a few months to live. HIV had been acquired by the young actress, and the prognosis had been given. However, after receiving the recommended treatment from medical professionals, the author lived another thirty years.

His life has radically changed with the diagnosis of this fatal illness. The condition had an effect on the actress’s career in addition to the harsh medication that necrosed her heart. She was actually denied the lead role in the movie “White Wedding” after the production found out she had HIV.

However, she was still able to advance despite this reluctance. Despite the obstacles in her path, she persisted on her trip by appearing in television programs. Her psychological state having been affected by the disease, she needed therapy to reclaim her “self-esteem.”

I received therapy for a very long time. I experimented with a variety of therapies, including shiatsu, reiki, group meditation, and chanting. Long-term results were produced by the job I did. I no longer feel like I’m struggling to survive; I feel like I’m living. I’m glad I was able to get through these trying times. I recognize who I am.

In a conversation, the former “Star Academy” director confided.

She lived for several years, but the harsh treatment ultimately caused her body to deteriorate. Sad repercussions led to two heart transplants for him. Unfortunately, the second procedure was unsuccessful, and the writer passed just a month later.

The legendary actress departed on July 13, 2022, accompanied by her loved ones. She underwent an unsuccessful surgery in June 2022 and spent a month in a coma.

But a few days before she passed away, she awoke to one final encounter with her family. Tara’s mother had the ability to express “her fatigue and the imperious longing to join her deceased mother” in her final hours.

According to a press release from AFP, the “Red kiss” actress was able to speak to them briefly before passing away.

She smiled as she shook hands with her father Jean-Pierre, daughter Tara, and sister Aude before blinking and writing a few words on a slate.

Given this traumatic experience for the deceased’s loved ones and supporters, AFP came to the following conclusion:

His perseverance, talent, smile, and vocal eruptions will endure higher in our memories and on screens through his words and other means.

Indeed, both in her writings and in the parts she portrayed, the actress and writer’s memories will go on forever. Details of the funeral of the actor who appeared in “Nestor Burma” can also be found in the AFP press release.

Another celebrity has joined the mourning of French film. A funeral deserving of the term should be held for the courageous woman who survived death for more than 30 years. His friends and family are planning a ceremony to honor his bravery after a private funeral. Additionally, the deceased’s kin forwarded the information to AFP. Thus it was made clear:

Charlotte will be interred in a private ceremony in Pléneuf-Val-André, the Côtes-d’Armor commune that provided the inspiration for her artistic moniker, not far from the expansive beach where she spent her formative years.

For information, the religious event will take place in Paris in September. A fitting time for those who knew and cared about her to pay her a final tribute.